Shenandoah National Park

by Sarah on September 4, 2014

This weekend marked our annual trip to Shenandoah National Park with my parents. Unlike the past few years, the weather was perfect: warm during the day and crisp but comfortable at night.


We made a point of enjoying the warm weather with two day hikes. Our first hike was to down South River Falls trail before looping back and heading north on the Appalachian Trail for a few miles.

The South River Falls was only unremarkable as the view was obstructed by trees the Park Service no longer trims.  Like many Shenandoah hikes, this one went from the drive, down the mountain, requiring us to hike a mile uphill on a fire road. The AT, which snakes along the drive, was a welcome change after the steep incline.


Per tradition, my parents joined us Saturday evening at our campsite for dinner. We all think the nine miles caught up with Honey as she curled up on her blanket and didn’t move until it was time for bed. Of course the next morning she was back to her chipper self, ready to take on our next hike.


Another one of our traditions, is to eat breakfast each morning at Big Meadows Lodge. Between training Friday and hiking Saturday, you better believe Jay and I ate all the bacon Sunday morning.


Sunday’s hike was determined by my Dad, who choose to hike down to President Hoover’s Rapidan Camp via the Mill Prong Trail.


The hike down was very pretty as we crossed a few streams and saw some lovely little waterfalls. The trail meets up with a Horse Trail and then a Fire Road before descending on the camp. We took several pictures of the hiking scenery, but unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures of the camp.


The two volunteer caretakers are very knowledgeable about the property and the three remaining buildings are well preserved. Both Jay and I walked away from the camp discussing how interesting and much we learned about the Hoover’s. We may just pick up one of their biography’s as our next books.

If you have time next time you visit Shenandoah National Park, I strongly encourage you to visit the Rapidan Camp. The hike was gorgeous and you are guaranteed to learn a lot about on of our forgotten Presidents.

How was your Labor Day weekend?


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