Newlywed finances: What Works for Us

by Sarah on July 25, 2014

Besides moving in and sharing closet space, marriage can also mean sharing finances. Primarily, there are three ways couples tend to manage their finances after marriage: they keep everything separate, they merge everything, or they choose some hybrid. We choose a mostly merged hybrid, but let me explain.

For the most part, we merged our finances and I act as our CFO (we both claim the household CEO title). His name is on my bank account, my name is on his bank account, and for the most part our credit cards are in both our names. Still some things remain strictly his or mine.

Our biggest deviations in merged finance are our car and a few credit cards. I paid the car off before our marriage and honestly it is a pain to add his name on the title, so that remained solely mine. As for our credit cards, the credit card I use for personal items is in my name and likewise he has a card for his personal items in his name. For investment accounts, like our 401k’s, we added each other as our primary beneficiary and moved our previous primary beneficiaries (our siblings) to secondary beneficiaries.

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Tubing with the Girls

July 23, 2014

Last Friday I met up with my friends Val and Brigette to go tubing down the Gunpowder River. You may remember, Val and I went on a similar outing with Jay last summer. Like last time, we rented our tubes from Monkton Bike, Tube and Kayak for $25 each. The rental was all day so […]

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By the Numbers: Why We Choose the Income Based Repayment Plan

July 3, 2014

I have my June Smarterbucks blog post for you today. This post was inspired by Marketplace’s By the Numbers segments. I hope you enjoy it. We get this question all the time: why did you choose the Income Based Repayment (IBR) plan? By definition the IBR plan brings our payment lower than it is under […]

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Hiking Adventures on the Appalachian Trail

July 1, 2014

When did July happen? I felt like June flew by so fast because I was busy busy busy. One weekend I would to recap on the blog was our weekend to Buchanan, VA. A few months ago my mom invited us to go hiking with her group of friends to check off another segment of […]

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Two Years

June 18, 2014

As of yesterday, it’s been two years since Jay and I walked down that aisle and we’re still going strong. Last year we celebrated by going back to where it all happened, the Elkridge Furnace Inn. Yesterday we opted for something a little more us, kayaking on the Potomac. Happy Anniversary my love!

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Box Six: Stitch Fix

June 16, 2014

It’s time for another StitchFix! I have really cut back on StitchFix mostly because I am trying to cut back on shopping (unsuccessfully). This was the first time I thought about keeping the majority of my box because the items were soo me. The only problem… I own too many items that look exactly like […]

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Covered Bridges Half Marathon

June 13, 2014

My “back-at-it” race was the Covered Bridges Half Marathon at beginning of June in Vermont. I call this my “back-at-it” race since it is the first race I have done successfully and confidently since the whole pneumothorax deal. If you are able, the Covered Bridges Half is the prettiest race I have ever run. I […]

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