How to Domesticate Your Husband

Jay is currently studying for his Physical Therapy Boards. He has 6 weeks from the end of our honeymoon until the test, the perfect amount of time to study. The recommended study time is 6 hours a day, far less than the 9 hours I spend working and commuting. This extra 3 hours has basically turned my loving ginger husband into a Domestic House Husband and I love it.

I love having a domestic husband!

Who wouldn’t love texting their husband around 5:15 asking them to start making dinner? When I arrive home, the house is full of an amazing aroma and dinner is usually almost ready. Basically, I am being spoiled!

Now, I realize not all men are earnestly waiting for their opportunity to do laundry, vacuum the house and cook dinner, but there are a two tricks that have helped me domesticate Jay.

First, I now plan meals for the week that I know he knows how to cook. This experiment started when he finished his final clinic. I made the mistake one day of leaving him a recipe where he had to make substitutions, therefore dinner was not made. I quickly learned that Jay can cook when he follows a recipe. When I want him to cook, I make sure that when I ask him to cook, it is something he enjoys or can easily find the recipe (on the fridge) and all the ingredients (IN the fridge).

Second, I make sure it’s fair. I have mentioned this over and over again, but the only chores I give Jay are ones he enjoys. I am not sure how I got so lucky, but Jay doesn’t mind doing laundry (because he can watch TV while folding) or vacuuming (instant results). Dusting is another story. While I may joke I have domesticated him, I know I will never come home to a dust-free apartment. In order to ensure that it’s fair for both of us, we have created a “chore Chart” which will keep us both on top of everything.


Finally, I make him feel special. You better believe men respond well to incentives. Jay learned early in his career as a house husband that if he takes care of some of the evening chores we have more time together (to watch TV and play games, of course).  I make those extra moments together count, but we can’t if we’re both doing chores! Boy does that get him moving.

Seriously, though, if you know Him, you know that it’s impossible to domesticate my husband. This started as a joke based on our role reversal the other night, when he made me dinner and blogged about it.

4 thoughts on “How to Domesticate Your Husband

    • I’m sure he is wondering the same thing, LOL. Really this post was a joke between us b/c of our current lifestyle. Trust me, I could never domesticate him or want to. We started the chore chart b/c he wanted to ensure things were even. It’s a good way for both of us to keep track.

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