Dinner This Week II

Let’s talk about blogger fail. It’s Wednesday and I’m already resorting to our dinners… good thing I was more creative than usual this weekend.

Saturday, Morning: Pumpkin Oat Pancake (KERF) because what’s fall without pumpkin?

Pumpkin oatmeal pancakes :)

Saturday, Dinner: "Cheesy" Coconut Sautéed Chickpeas and Kale (fannetastic food) I swear it was pure coincidence that I made her recipe on her wedding day.


Sunday: Crockpot Italian Hillside Garden Soup


Monday: Sweet Potato Stuffed Acorn Squash and Quinoa & Apple Stuffed Acorn Squash (Daily Garnish)


and a double batch of Perfect Single Serving Size Chocolate Chip Cookies


Tuesday: Salads topped with veggie burgers. (no picture b/c I was Skyping)

Wednesday: Burgers.

What have you had for dinner this week?

One thought on “Dinner This Week II

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