Friday I received my first StitchFix. I first heard about StitchFix through Jenna’s blog. She made it sound like a lot of fun so I thought “why not?”. I also have terrible fashion sense, hence the reason I always shop with my girlfriends. I thought the StitchFix would be another great way to mix up my wardrobe.

How it works is you go online and order a “fix”. You give them all sorts of information about your size and style. Once StitchFix knows a little about you, you pick when you will receive your first “fix”.

Below is what I received.

Fornash Bracelet : Bangle horse bit bangle


The bangle I received was pretty, a gold bracelet with navy blue (sorry the colors are off in the photo). I really liked it and even thought about holding it for a friend, but knew it wasn’t me so I sent it back.

Peppermint Dress : Casual Dress Park Flutter


This dress was my hardest decision in the box. I loved this dress, but I was hesitant to keep it because I am tall and it cuts a little too high above the knees for me to wear to work. I only needed an inch or two more fabric in length. I could wear the dress it to work if I wore it with leggings underneath. Once I add leggings, the bottom half was slightly too tight. Hesitant, I sent it back. I loved it but knew I wouldn’t get the wear out of it that would justify the price.

This dress also made me realize a down side to StitchFix. I would have loved to try this dress in one size up! Realistically I know the next size up would have been too big in the top, but it would made saying NO to it a little easier.

Misope Outer Layer : Cardigan Liza Striped


The completely ironic thing about this cardigan, was that earlier this week I thought about how I needed another one of these in my wardrobe. Without hesitation I kept it!

Everly Top : Blouse Felix Long Sleeve Button


The shirt fit really well, but it is just not my style. I think if the shirt was a little cheaper in cost I would have considered keeping it.

Ya Top : Shirt Smith Draped Front Stripe Top


This was another item I toyed with keeping. I loved the fit of the front, but I wish the back of the shirt covered my butt. Silly, I know, but I was afraid that it wouldn’t get the wear it deserved.

Jenna mentioned this too in her post, but I loved the styling cards that came with each item. There were several items that had styling combos that I would not have come up with. I almost wish I cold have kept the cards as reference for cute outfits! Silly, I know, but I have little fashion sense.


Overall, my experience with StitchFix was positive and I can’t wait to receive my next box in February. Besides the downside of not being able to easily try the next size up, my only other word to the wise is price. I tend to bargain shop and you obviously can not do that with StitchFix. I have never invested money into my clothing, so while I was slightly surprised by the price of some items, I also understand why. The prices are in no way going to break the bank, but they also will never compete with Target.

Regardless, I have scheduled another “Fix” because I love seeing what the stylists pick for me at StitchFix. Like I said, I can’t wait to receive my next box!

I joined StitchFix at my own expense. If you would like to join, please use the following referral link.

Have you tried StitchFix or an online fashion matching service? What did you think?

4 thoughts on “StitchFix

  1. Ohh I signed up for this too after reading about it on Jenna’s blog. I’m still waiting on my invite though. I really want to give it a try since I have zero fashion sense either.

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