One Day of the BIG Picture

Tonight Jay worked late, which is a curse and blessing in disguise. I enjoy a night by myself every once in a while to catch up on my favorite shows. I despise nights I am on my own because I tend to over-eat😦. Tonight was no exception.

Tonight I made Jenna’s baked polenta with mushrooms gorgonzola cheese and tomato sauce. I have only made this recipe once, sometime last January, and I forgot how easy it is. I also forgot how badly it photographs.


But despite all of this, I sat down in front of NBC’s Parenthood and enjoyed a bowl of my delicious dinner. At an ad break I decided “I was good today” and thought I could have another small bowl. We all know its trouble when you think “I was good today” to yourself as the reason for a second helping. We also know that there is no such thing as a “small bowl”.

Next thing I know I am sitting on the couch, uncomfortably full, thinking “what was I thinking?”.

I bring all this up because tonight was a good reminder of what healthy living is. Healthy living is a quest for balance, a quest for improving and a quest that I learn from everyday. We all make mistakes, we hopefully can all learn from our mistakes. Today, was reminder of why when portioning out our dinner we also portion out the leftovers into Tupperware, instead of leaving them in the pan. Today was a reminder that one day doesn’t break a lifestyle. One day is a learning experience and tomorrow is another day.

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